About Us

Denis J Downey Ltd is a family owned and run logistics and warehousing business established in 1929. Our core values over the decades and generations have not changed. We believe in superior standards and service, hard work and genuine pride in the business, along with modern work practices, training and development. Attention to detail is seen in the modern livery and standard of fleet on the road, the modern administration office and IT used in the business and the 40,000 square foot of food grade warehouse developed on site in the last two decades.

The company operates a large fleet of trucks and trailers, made up of curtain-siders, skellys, boxvans and food grade tankers.

The quality of the driver workforce and the respect they have for the vehicles and ultimately the customer product they carry, has a major impact on the quality of service provided, the operational life of the fleet and the maintenance and fuel costs.

Here in DJD Ltd, our unique strength is that we offer personal supervision of a cost effective quality service that will meet clients’ wide range of needs, both Nationally and Internationally, full load or groupage, in effect offering the full logistics package normally only offered by third –party multinational logistics providers.

We look at competitive solutions to customer needs. Having a business in existence eighty five years and having developed a strong successful business in that time, we have a wealth of management and operational expertise to offer our customers.

Mission Statement

At Denis J Downey Ltd, we aim to enhance our position as a logistics company providing a reliable quality service while continuing to place our main emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Key Commitments:

  • Build long-term customer relationships by providing effective, reliable solutions for our customers' needs.
  • Develop our workforce by continuing to employ the best people and constantly training and updating our staff.
  • Develop our facilities by continuing to invest in new vehicles and equipment.
  • Take all the necessary steps to comply with environmental legislation and standards to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment.
  • Make sure that we maintain our excellent health and safety record.